Posted last on Monday September 22 2014

CIT230 Page Links

This document contains links to the first assignments that are due.You will need to add links to this document for future assignments. Make sure when you add links to check them to see if they will pull up the documents from your host.

w1-site-plan.pdf <jan14>

w2-site-personas.pdf <jan21>

w2-content.pdf <jan21>

w3 content outline <jan28>

w3 site diagram <jan28>

w4-ponder-prove <jan28>

w4-duckett-ponder-prove <jan28>

w4-content-pages <Feb3>

w4-home-page <Feb3>

w4-secondary-page <Feb3>

w4-internal-page <Feb 38>

w5-duckett-ponder-prove <jan28>

w5-ponder-prove <jan28>

w5-about <jan28>

w5-customer list <jan28>

w5-customer-table <jan28>

w6-ponder-prove <jan28>

w6-home-page <Feb3>

w6-secondary-page <Feb3>

w6-internal-page <Feb 38>

w7-ponder-prove<Feb 38>

contact-ponder-prove.php<Feb 38>

w7-contact <Feb3>

w7 home page.php<Feb 38>

w8-ponder-prove <jan28>


w8-home-page <Feb3>

w8-secondary-page <Feb3>

w8-internal-page <Feb 38>

w9-ponder-prove <jan28>

w9-internal-page <Feb 38>

w9-about-us <jan28>

w9-customer list <jan28>

w9-customer-table <jan28>




w10-ponder-prove <jan28>


w10-home-page <Feb3>

w10-secondary-page <Feb3>

w10-internal-page <Feb 38>

w11-ponder-prove-js <jan28>

w11-ponder-prove-jq <jan28>

w11-js-internal-page <Feb 38>

w11-jq-internal-page <Feb 38>

w12-ponder-prove <jan28>

w12-home-page <Feb3>

other documents will follow <list due date here>